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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you get some sort of guarantee?

A. Yes, our products will come with a 7-15 year guarantee.


Q. Do the artificial grass you supply need any maintenance? 

A.  No, artificial grass does not need any maintenance apart general tidying of leaves or mess from pets!


Q. Will the sun fade the fake grass? 

A.  No, our grass are Ultra Violet tested for extreme weather conditions. We have even used them in Africa.


Q. When it rains, what happens to the astro turf?

A.  It will drain the rainwater through the membranes underneath the artificial grass the same way real grass will.


Q. Can someone set fire to artificial grass?

A.  No, it will rather melt if someone should put fire on it.


Q. Will the artificial grass graze your skin like astro turf back in the old days?

A.  No it will not. That is why we recommend it for children and pet owners.


Q. Is artificial grass environmentally friendly?

A.  Yes, it is extremely that is why we recommend it to everyone. No need to water it, cut it with the mower. It is evergreen even in extreme hot seasons without the need to water it. No need to apply pesticides or feeds! Most can be recycled..


Q. Does the Local Authorities approve of Synthetic Grass?

A.  Yes, Astroturf manufacturers carry safety accreditations. The Local Authorities and Architects usually specify fake grass for school play areas, islands, roundabouts and public buildings.


Q. Can you use artificial grass indoors? 

A.  Yes, it has been used by interior designers and now can be anm alternative to carpet in heavily used areas in the home. Especially where kids play.


Q. Can weeds come through artificial grass? 

A.  Yes, however our installation team always use state of the art weed prevention membranes underneath to prevent unwanted weeds especially when fitting the Artificial Grass on soil.


If you require further information, please contact us and a member of staff will be glad to assist you with your query...

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